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February 28, 2015 Trumbull, Connecticut , U.S.A. Historic Churches


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Welcome to the Trumbull Historical Society Historic Churches Photo Page.  Click on any picture below to view it in a larger size.


Trumbull Congregational Church
First established in 1730 as the Parish of Unity and later renamed Trumbull Congregational Church, this parish is Trumbull's oldest. Church meetings were originally held at Pulpit Rock on White Plains Road. The first church was a small, plain structure that served as a meeting house until 1747 when a new church was built under the leadership of Rev. James Beebee. In 1842, the third church (pictured here) was built. This church was destroyed by fire in 1898 and was replaced by the current stone church building near Trumbull Center. The third church pictured here stood on Church Hill Road next to the old Town Hall, which today is known as the Helen Plumb Building.


Christ Episcopal Church
Located at the corner of Madison Ave. and Tashua Road, this church building is the oldest in Trumbull today. The Christ Episcopal parish is Trumbull's second oldest congregation. Founded in 1760 at the present site, the original 900 square foot church was replaced in 1790. The current church, (shown in an early picture here), was built in 1846. This church's graveyard dates back to 1766 and contains the family members of many of the early settlers of the "Tashaway" section of old North Stratford.


Morgan Chapel
An early Methodist church in Long Hill that was built in 1857. Once, located at the corner of Lake Ave. and Main Street. The chapel's founder was Rev. Henry Morgan who after two years of preaching left for Boston where he established Morgan Memorial the predecessor of Goodwill Industries. In 1902 the parish moved to M. E. Hall, and in 1911, Morgan Chapel was sold to a local bus company and served as an auto garage and office building. Later this building was a grocery store, finally in 1969 it was torn down.


M.E. Hall
Located just North of Long Hill green, and within easier walking distance for most of its parishioners than Morgan Chapel, M.E. Hall first held services for the Long Hill Methodist congregation in December, 1902. The Long Hill Methodist congregation did not stay here for too long, and in 1918 moved to their present church on Elizabeth Street. Does anyone know what became of M.E. Hall?


Long Hill Methodist Church
In 1918 the Long Hill Methodists moved from M.E. Hall into their fine stone church on Elizabeth Street. This picture was taken before the paved parking lot, recreation hall and school were added as can be seen today. From the modest beginnings of a two room house on Daniels Farm Road, then Morgan Chapel, then M.E. Hall, the Long Hill Methodist Church has had a rich history. The Long Hill Methodist Church was established in 1830.


Grace Episcopal Church
Established in Long Hill in 1836. This church's congregation was once part of Christ Episcopal Church in Tashua and formally separated into two parishes in 1846. The church pictured here was built in 1881 and was replaced by the current one in the early 1970's.




Trinity Episcopal Church
Established in 1848. This church originally built on "Jerusalem Hill" overlooking Long Island Sound was re-located to just opposite of the Village Green in Nichols when the Merritt Parkway was built.




St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church
This first Catholic church in Trumbull was established in 1889 as a mission church of St. Rose's in Newtown. The original church was a white wooden chapel that held about 125 parishioners. In November, 1950, two weeks prior to the dedication of the new church pictured here, the old white church was badly damaged by a hurricane. This church is located on Main Street, one eighth of a mile North of the current intersection of Rt. 25 and Rt 111.


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