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March 30, 2015 Trumbull, Connecticut , U.S.A. Early Street Scenes


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Welcome to the Trumbull Historical Society Street Scenes from an Earlier Trumbull Photo Page.  Click on any picture below to view it in a larger size.


"The Bunny Fountain"
A symbol of the Nichols section of Trumbull, the fountain was originally deeded to the Nichols Improvement Association (N.I.A.) in 1895 by Mrs. Annie Peet in fulfillment of the wishes of her late husband, John Benjamin Peet who died before his plans for the fountain were achieved. The original fountain shown here was topped with a kerosene street lamp and provided watering facilities for horses, dogs and humans. Originally the fountain was placed right at the point of the Nichols Green. In the early 1930's, after cars replaced the horse, the watering fountain was converted into the decorative bunny fountain, complete with decorative rabbits, mushroom and cattails. This landmark sits at the corner of Unity Road and Huntington Turnpike in Nichols near Nothnagle Field.


Old Church Hill Road
A turn of the century look up Church Hill Road from Trumbull Center. The dirt road seems to be pretty devoid of the homes that today line this street. The old Town Hall, now the Helen Plumb Building, is shown on the right. The place where the train tracks crossed at Tait Road are evident by the sudden bump in the road. A corner of the Trumbull Center train station can just be seen jutting out from behind the old Town Hall.




Plowing Snow - Winter of '33
These men seem to be having a good time clearing the snow off Church Hill Road in the winter of 1933. The old Town Hall and the railroad stationmaster's house are shown.




  Winter in Long Hill
This picture of the northwest corner of the Long Hill Green was probably taken in the early 1900's. Ruts carved by horses and carriages in the snow can be seen. The large white building in the very far background could be the Hubbell Hadley shirt factory.




  Lower Long Hill School and Morgan Chapel
These buildings stood on the corner of Lake Avenue and Main Street. The old school house closed in 1920, and has since been moved a short distance up Lake Avenue and converted to a private residence. Morgan Chapel, an early Methodist Church built in 1857, was sold in 1911 and served as an auto garage and grocery store before it was torn down in 1969.




Lower Long Hill School
This is another picture of the Lower Long Hill School. The caption on the enlarged picture refers to Main Street as "Long Hill Street."





Buggy Ride on Riverside Drive  
Looking south, a horse and carriage stroll along Riverside Drive. The dammed area of the Pequonnock River shown here was called Saw Mill pond. The dammed water reserve was used to provide water power for a saw mill operation on Whitney Avenue. Whitney Avenue during this period was called Saw Mill Road. The bridge in the background was the Pequonnock River bridge on old Saw Mill Road.




Teller Road
A bucolic late 1800's scene of Teller Road, before the curve in the road was straightened. After the construction of the Route 25 highway, much of Teller Road was re-routed. Some of the old road, across from the entrance to Indian Ledge Park, joined with Riverside Drive to create a new "U shaped" road, while a new section of Teller was created just west of Katz's pond.




Broadway Road
View of Broadway in the 1800's. Looking north from the corner of Whitney Avenue and Broadway. Toucey's underwear factory is seen in the background.





Long Hill Green
The eastern half of the Long Hill Green where Broadway and Whitney Avenue intersect is shown.





The Bridgeport Turnpike
The caption on this picture reads "Along the Bridgeport Turnpike at Long Hill." Today's Main Street has had a number of name changes. Many of us remember not that long ago when today's RT. 111 was designated as RT. 25 and then later RT. 25A. Main Street has also been called the Newtown Turnpike, Long Hill Street and Bridgeport Turnpike.




Along the Bridgeport Turnpike
Another old photograph titled "Along the Bridgeport Turnpike." Exactly where I'm not sure - perhaps near Middlebrooks Avenue. Email me if you have any ideas.




Main Street - North of the Long Hill Green
Looking South on Main Street, the crude bridge that runs over Jacob's Brook (sometimes mistakenly referred to as Farrar's Brook) can be seen in the foreground. This small stream was fed by the large swamp that at one time existed where the Governor's Ridge Condominiums stand today. In the 1970's, blasting ruble from the construction of the new Route 25 expressway along the Pequonnock Valley was used to fill in this large wetland.




  The Long Hill Store
Geo. H. Smith's general store (formerly Hurd's Supply Store), on the north end of the Long Hill Green along with the Federalist period house that stood just to the right of it. The period seems to be in the 1920's.




Early Traffic Jam
Cars pass the shopping district of the Long Hill Green.







Long Hill Green Monuments
Wooden posts used for displaying new ordinances and notices were commonly erected in places such as the village green in rural areas. The purpose of this wooden monument may have been for public notices, or it could have been placed there to commemorate Trumbull's WW1 veterans. In 1926 a monument made from a large native stone was placed on the southern end of Long Hill Green to replace an earlier wooden one.




Main Street, Long Hill
Looking North on Main street in Long Hill. Today, the residence on the right side of the photograph is the Corner Deli, a local neighborhood store on the corner of Main and Elizabeth Street.





Zamary's Grocery Store
A picture of the store on the corner of Main and Elizabeth Street. The store has had undergone several different ownership's over the years. Perhaps the Zamary family owned the store when this picture was taken.





Motoring Along on Main
All fueled up and off again to explore some more of Long Hill, Connecticut.






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